Customised Ramps

The ramp is mounted inside the door of the lowest floor. The access ramp is opened and folded manually and is stored in a frame. The ramp is user-friendly and easy to handle and it takes about 15-20 seconds to fold/unfold the ramp. A label with user instructions is included and will guide the user.

The ramp is attached to a mechanical, movable arm which is fitted to the storage frame – a stainless steel pipe. The movable arm makes it possible to adjust the ramp so it levels out the different platforms heights in the range from 150 mm to 250 mm. Please see the video and illustration for further information.

As a safety precaution the ramp set-up has two safety switches as a aprt of the locking and control system. One of the switches releases the ramp lock so the ramp is reaady for use – when the user has pressed the call button the train driver is automatically informed so he can release the lock. After use, when the ramp is back in its storage position, the train driver gets an indication again so he can safely lock the ramp again.

The ramp set-up will be manufactured in accordance with the required standards and norms and will include all relevant documentation such as dimension drawings, installation drawings and – instructions, operation description, system operation diagram, main electrical circuit diagram etc.

We are convinced that the aluminium ramp is the best solution as it is less sensitive to shocks. The ramp in this case is not protected in a cabinet but in an open frame which makes the ramp more direct exposed to shocks and external impacts. We therefore recommend the aluminium ramp. Both ramps covers the same need – the only difference is the weight of the ramp. The difference is only about 2.7 kg so in this case there are no advantages by choosing the Lite ramp which also is a more expensive solution.